One year in Brighton UK

So here We are, almost one year ago (September 2012) I was packing my stuff to move abroad, leaving Italy, heading to Brighton (UK).
Since then, I’ve been living in Britain most of my time and things have been going very well! To be honest I wasn’t expecting to stay so long in another country, but I wasn’t even expecting to meet a lot of amazing people.
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Let’s start this blog

This is my first post in my brand new blog. Yes, i’ve got a Blog! weird isn’t it? I don’t know why but i felt it was necessary at some point having my own place where i can write stuff.. so here we are! :)

The aim of this blog would be sharing my thoughts, opinions, travel experiences, knowledge mostly about technology and why not complaining about things.. a lot of things!

Now the difficult part will be keeping it updated. ;) Hope it’s gonna be interesting for someone.. but despite big expectation i’m doing it for myself.